by Ancient Sky

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released June 9, 2015

ORDER THE VINYL HERE : a.s. is : brian markham, pat broderick, adam bulgasem, brandon evans and kevin lamiell

recorded november 3-5, '14 at future/past studios in hudson new york and mixed early december, '14 at kutch 1 studios in greenpoint, brooklyn by ben greenberg

mastered by josh bonati

paintings by ryan mclennan and photographed by jaime boddorff

layout by adam bulgasem

music by ancient sky

lyrics by brian markham (except "induction" by james armstrong and b.m.)

thanx to the warner bros for making this happen



all rights reserved


Ancient Sky Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Sing Swing
sing swing

mood swings
cant remember what happened
little surprise
loads of things are stacked in
men and women and all there little things
jump in jump in
live til the end

dont hide away cuz you never sin
dont marry the dust
pretend pretend
its not pain , no life is a game
pretend pretend
dont marry the sin

mood swing
turn to dust
what is happening
swing low
turn the page
cant remember a thing
loads of things are stacked in
sing swing mood swing
cant remember it

sing swing mood swing
Track Name: Two Lights
two lights

feel all right
hold it up to the light
feel it in your bones and know it'll last all night

who's that one
standing in the sun
feel the warmth of everyone
the softest run

feel all right
hold it up to the light
dream all night
a slave to the shadow
all right
take your time and know which light

there are two lights
one is for me
the other is you
slave to the shadow
so sick of the marrow
snake slithering sight
grip what is right
dream all night
why open the gates
no myths just light

dont hide away
you see it so clear
that i follow the shadow
smoke and shadow
darkness and light
inner images
no one is right
Track Name: Garbage Brain
garbage brain

all things keep adding up
how life can be fucked up
a garbage brain
with nothing left to say

build a nest
a coffin
rest for a while
your skin will grow back
garbage brain
with so much left to say

as sure as sin
things combust
who really wins
a child with
negative space in his heart
designed for such
experience wins out
listens / changes / falls apart
Track Name: Know

know you know
behind the wheel and not ready to go
its been a year or more since i let you go

see how the fire works outside
try to leave the scene
it burns burns clean

see how the loss slips away
its calm in here
now nothing works

you want me
you want me to see
Track Name: Induction

took to your side
Went the way of the sun
The only way that I could be

Slipped inside
Where is the time

took to your side
The one you let go
a Delicate photo
you were

Eyes open, still can't see
Perfect vision
Not meant to be

Slipped inside
where is the time

Peel back layers
Look behind
Fragile tissue
Blurry lines

you were Never in the photo
lost in the tide
could have been anyone but you died
why hide ask why
Track Name: Protection
Track Name: Ancient Tape
A.S. tape

in your eyes
in eyes i disguise the way
feel me now and know it wont go away

in your eyes
in eyes i despise the way
feel the air and know it wont go away

A cloak to wear
to Protect us from all things
Designed by fear
feel me now and know it wont go away

Never let go
A magic feeling of sound
the loudest found
feel me now and know it wont go away

wont go away